Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Welcome to San Luis obispo county

So we have moved to California. In wine country to be exact, a small town called Atascadero . It's in San Luis obispo county. It's on the central coast half way between San Fran and la. It's about 15 min from the beach and 3 hours from the mountains. It's amazing! So beautiful, rolling green hills and vineyards everywhere. It's unbelievable to wake up and see it out your window every morning. We have only been here for about a week and a half but finally feel ready to settle down and starts some" roots". Our new address is 9148 arbor de rosal way Atascadero,ca 93422.
Clint started work on Monday and is already enjoying it. The hours are amazing. He gets to be home alot and gets to come home for lunch everyday. Locke loves the neighborhood. We have running trails, parks, and lots of kids to meet.

This weekend we are going to Yosemite for fathers day! We are really excited.

Well I will write some more later. Just wanted to put up and update since we have been super busy moving the last couple of months.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Trip to Oklahoma

Hey everyone,

Locke and I are coming to Oklahoma for a little visit April 4th! If you are going to be around give me a call so we can meet up. I will have Clint's "American phone" 918-225-9222 We are excited to see everyone.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I love warm weather

well we have been back from Christmas break now for a couple of weeks and everything is back into flow....Beach, sun, warm weather, and fruity drinks.....Though the cold weather, hot soup and heavy beers were nice for awhile.
The trip back to Guam was long...very long. We took a different route this time. Instead of stopping in Hawaii we went through Japan. Big Mistake. A 14 hour plane ride is not fun especially with Mr Locke. Having two 8 hour flights and getting a break in between is much better. we will not be doing the Japan route again.
We had a awesome time at home. Got to see friends and family, eat lots of meat, drink some good beers, and wear Patagonia. But, I will say I don't miss the weather.
Locke is becoming quite the little boy and not my little baby anymore =( It's is fun though. Everyday i learn something new from him, like how he and Clint are so much alike....Boys are a handful.
Clint is back at work, growing his beard out, and getting as much surfing in as he possibly can. Oh and fixing Locke's of his favorite things to do. Clint's an awesome dad. so proud of his baby boy!

Well time to hit the pool. All Lockes friends are out playing today.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Merry Christmas

Well we will be on our way to the States on Saturday! Can't wait to see everyone. But, before we head back I have two funny things to share.

First, on my way to the gym this morning and the radio was promoting becoming apart of the Guam triathlon club. Ok cool.....but then they end it with 1. Please bring your own running shoes and 2. Floaties are allowed for the swimming portion of the race. I mean really? Is there anywhere else that needs to remind you that running shoes are not provided? And floaties......

Second, there was a half eaten candy cane in my treadmill cup holder.......Do i really need to say more.
Locke really loves to read. Hopefully it will keep him entertained for 15 minutes of the 30 hours of flying we will do. =)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

stinky gym

There was a water explosion at the gym a couple of days ago and it covered the entire first floor in two inches of water. they didn't know what to do so they blocked off everything with orange cones and frantically ran around trying to move the machines. It was actually pretty entertaining to watch. So I had to workout upstairs in the hot box.....It was HOT. Oh did i mention the gym is the carpet you walk on before you go through security at the airport. Gross....even with shoes on....gross. So you can imagine how great it smells in there now. Mold growing, under damp carpet, in a warm gym.....I don't know how long i can workout there if they don't replace the carpet.

In other news, going to hit up the Macys friends and family sale today in hopes to finding Locke some clothes since he is growing soooooo much! Oh yes we have a Macys here. Did i tell you that? It's nice to have at least one department store even though it's not very big.

Got to get Clints lunch ready before he goes to work......

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas countdown

Only 3 weeks til we fly home for Christmas. Getting mentally prepared for the flight is on my things-to-do list. At least Clint will be on the plane with me. The flight home is completely booked meaning there is no chance of an extra seat for Locke =( oh well what are you going to do.

Lots of Christmas shopping to finish up this next week. Going to some sales tomorrow in hopes of finish up. I might try and go to Harry Potter on wed while Locke is at mothers day out. I really want to see it. I really would like to see anything! I haven't been to the movies in a loooooooooooong time. Clint has a Christmas party next Saturday for work. No babysitter, so it looks like Locke is coming with us. Should be fun seeing he won't sit down for more than 15 seconds. =0

We had a good weekend. Had a bedlam watch party at our place and then went to the beach afterwords. Now i am thinking we will order some Thai food for dinner!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving sunburn

It was very strange to go to the beach and get a tan before we ate Thanksgiving dinner. But, we loved it. It was a beautiful day yesterday. We hung out at the beach and ate dinner at 5pm. The food was great and fellowship was even greater! We had an awesome thanksgiving in Guam and now we can't wait to come home for Christmas in 3 weeks!

Locke helped me in the kitchen the last couple of days. We made apple pie, pumpkin pie, fudge, cookie bars, stuffing, mac and cheese, cheese ball, and maple bourbon whip cream! He loves pots and pans.....He takes them all out of the cupboard and then stands in them and then puts them all back.....He does this for hours! I'm glad he likes pots and pans as much as i do.

Clint has been surfing and paddle boarding alot. He went out for 2 hours yesterday and came back with a scratched up hand, back, and side....he says he is just "living". I'm glad he enjoys it so much.

This week i am going to start packing and figuring out what to take back home. The weather difference is going to make it tricky. We don't have any warm clothes to wear on the plane so I need to get Locke something warm to wear and i guess i need some long pants to wear too. All of our clothes are in storage in OK so we will have warm stuff once we get there but i keep forgetting that when we get off that plane it's going to be COLD! Locke only has crocs so i guess i should get him some warm shoes too or just some socks to wear with his crocs....styln!

well hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Go Cowboys on Saturday!